Our Faith, The Enemy’s Most Coveted Target & Pray Against War!

Still Small Voice

Published on 30 Jul 2017

Then you hit some kind of obstacle. Most usually it is fatigue and frustration with a little thing. Now the enemy is standing by waiting for you to waver so the arrow of unbelief will penetrate your armor. When you waver in your mind, saying, “Oh this is just so hard, this isn’t working, will I ever get this right?” There’s the weak spot in your armor and the enemy has already loosed the arrow that will lodge in your heart. That arrow is tipped with the poison of unbelief. Why that and not some other substance???

Because your entire motivation for life rests on faith and belief that what I have given you to do I will help you accomplish. So if the enemy can strike at the very heart of your will, he has destabilized you and made an entrance for demons of failure, unbelief, scrutiny, logical arguments against what I have promised.

Yes, he has opened a door and now he begins to weaken you. Every time you accept a suggestion, faith drains out of your heart and unbelief takes its place until you are hopelessly convinced you CAN’T do it, you are NOT fit, you are too OLD, you are uncoordinated, you are too sickly.

And while the faith is draining out he fills you with these other poisons and the very promise you were operating in faith from, the promise I Myself gave you, begins to dissolve into hopelessness.

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