How Far Will You Go Message 414 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Jan 25, 2017

 How Far Will You Go Message 414

I had two dreams I want to share with you. One I had a few days ago, I was not here on earth, I am not sure where I was and Jesus was with me.

I saw two young girls, I was telling them that they had hurt the Son, that what they had done was wrong and that they needed to understand this and repent. They did not want to hear this, and they were scoffing and mocking, but then one started to listen. I saw her age (spiritually mature) and she then saw that what I was saying to her was truth, and repented.

The second dream I had last night. I dreamed I was being judged and I was found washed clean. I truly thank God He has made a way for us all to come to Him.

My Children, I ask you, How far will you go? How far will you follow My lead, to what point will you let Me show you My truth, My understanding and the depth of My love?

Will you truly let go of all of the ties to this realm, to this physical world and its beliefs, and let Me bring you into the understanding that My love is truly unlimited, and unconditional?

I do punish, as I Am a good and loving Father, but this does not mean it is meant to be forever.

Do you not see that there is nothing I will not do to bring My children back to Me.

You see every soul that I made, I want back, and it is My Will that none shall perish.

I am using many to reach them even now in the spiritual realm and many have seen this in their dreams.

Not always do they know that they are doing battle, that they are ministering to the lost, and backslidden, the lukewarm, in their time and place.

I have told you that I am hindered by nothing, not time, not space or place.

I move through all realms, and no one, or nothing will be lost to Me in the end.

I AM that I AM, have you not seen the miracles that I have performed in this realm alone are more than man can understand, but you believe that I can.

Have you not heard of the person that was behind on their rent that somehow the records now show they are in credit for two months?

Or the baby that was born without eyes whose mother followed My lead and instruction, and new eyes were formed?

Or the man that needed an operation to remove an organ that was completely healed as the doctors watched it healing during an ultra sound.

These things are truly from Me, and I know in your heart you know that I can do this and much, much more.

You know I took the keys to hell, that I conquered sin and death, so why do you think I would not make a way for every soul to come to Me no matter when?

I can and will reach My hand into hell to save My children, and this does not just mean the hell they are in, in this realm.

My children, I Am a great, mighty and above all loving, and forgiving God, that is without end.

I AM immortal, My Spirit is immortal, and I made you from My Spirit, do you not see that because of this that there is no way I Am not part of you.

I do not want us in hell for all eternity. I want us all to be together forever, and since I will have My Will as this too is My word, it has been written and it shall be done.

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Our God is faithful, He is loving and He is everything. He said He is our healer, provider, care taker, everything. There is truly nothing that He cannot do.

The Lord has shown me that the part of scripture that says we will do things mightier than He means more than we know, much, much more as He is not limited to this world or this realm.

He has told me there are things in other realms we do not know about that He will use us in too, to carry out His will.

I do not know what this all means but I am very excited to find out.

I was just taking a break and listened to a video that Lilly Girl posted called Dream of Jesus coming to earth/eagle siren/judgment falling.

As I listened I heard the words “Football Briefcase” this is the briefcase that the President takes with him to control the weapons. I really feel that things are not as peaceful as many would like to believe. Something will happen, please keep your eyes on the Lord and make sure you let Him lead you and not man.
God bless