Filthy Rags Message 391 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on 10 Jan 2017

Filthy Rags Message 391

A dream I had last week I was trying to wash out a bathtub. I had a baby with me, I believe the baby was a girl. I would scrub the tub clean but the dirt came right back.

Last night I dreamed that I was living in the mountains. There were some women that wanted me to go shopping to two different stores.

They said that they wanted me to go to a J. C. Penney’s store that was going out of business. They said that everything was being sold for forty cents.

We got there and there was very little left. In my size there was a plain, white gown, it was beautiful, then I saw a whole room full of choir robes that no one bought. No one wanted them.

In the next scene these women were in chairs getting their hair done. I then saw that they had very exaggerated makeup, nails and eyelashes.

I looked around and saw that we were in a public toilet and it was filthy. I also remember going into a men’s bathroom by mistake and saw the same kind of things going on in there too, I ran out because I am a woman.

My Children, the things of this world and the evil in this world is indeed filthy to Me, and should be to you as well. Another thing that is of filthy rags to Me is works without grace.

When you work under your power and your understanding your words of your understanding are not Mine and are as filthy as the toilet that is used to Me because it is by your power and for your glory that you speak.

I so want all of you to come into My completely understanding and My anointing. I know for some this new burst of anointing is almost scary and you think this means you need to do more for Me.

This is not what is needed as it is I and only I that can bring you all the way through, it is only I that can wash you clean. Lean on Me, and let Me lead you, let Me bring you through.

It is not through your works, not by your power but by Mine. Do not come against one another, do not think you are more righteous because you read the bible more.

Reading scripture does not give you My truth and understanding if you do not seek Me first.

It is through Me that you receive My wisdom, it is through Me that you know Me and receive My anointing.