Foundational Understanding of Mind Control Part 1 – Amanda Buys


Published on 30 May 2016


The following is an extract from the latest course ACTS (Advanced Counsellors Training School).
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Foundational Understanding of Mind Control
Topics include:
– Quick review of Foundation Principles from J2F and J2W
– Brainwashing & Mind Manipulation
– Dissociative Identity Disorder
– Important Terms
– Demons and DID
– Human parts vs. Demons
– Word to Counsellors
– Parts can be Demonized
– Deliberate Dissociation: SRA and Mind Control
– Important Terms
– Satanic Ritual abuse
– Mind Control Victims / Agents
– Common Purposes of Such Agents
– Technology, Energy Weapons, Mind Control and Programming
– Youtube Clip: The Electromagnetic Spectrum
– EMF – Energy Weapons
– Chem-Trails
– Effects of These Technologies
– Youtube Clip: Dr. Barry Trowers, Microwave Technology Used On Olympic Athletes
– Sound Technology
– Schizophrenia s. DID vs. Demons
– Youtube Clip: Opening Portals: Augmented Reality, Ingress, and Dark Matter Dimensions.
– How Would a Counsellor Deal With These New Technologies
– Recent Real-Life Example of Children in England Exposing SRA
– Youtube Clip: Papa Kills Babies