Getting Unstuck & Moving Forward – Still Small Voice

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Published on 9 Feb 2018

“This season of muddy roads is now coming to a close and I wish for you to get back up on the highways, moving steadily towards your missions and goals. Don’t be cowed by former opposition; plow through it and keep going. These road blocks will yield to My strength and power working through you, but you must keep meeting Me in the secret place to have the motivation and strength you need to succeed.
“Your missions and the things I’ve put on your hearts to do did not happen randomly. I knew well before you were conceived what you were called to. Many of you have had to work through your flesh to find that place. Some of you have had glimpses, some have had tastes and some have been moving along until tremendous opposition and seemingly unending interruptions have pulled you away.
“I am asking you now to return to what you are supposed to be doing and let nothing deter you or stand in your way.”
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