God Says, Coronavirus IS NOT! – Part 2 – Warren David Horak

19 Mar 2020
God Says Coronavirus is not Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4G1LT…
How to respond to believers who send you more info on Coronavirus
Send them the message below this one…. This is needed to wake the church up into her destiny which is to take authority and to *speak to the mountain of coronavirus and NOT to speak about it and post messages that spread fear.*

*He says we can stop it over our cities by speaking to it!*

This means your city won’t be touched by it. This is way better any other thing the world has to offer. We are the head and not the tail.

*Declaration over the Mountain of coronavirus IT’s NOT*

This is something you need to explain to your family and household and your children so that you can do this daily at each meal time and before you all sleep.

Start here:

Through the authority that Jesus Christ has given us in Luke 10:19 and Mark 11:23 we now:

*Declare and Decree that coronavirus IS NOT!*

 It is NOT for me and my family and city and nation.

Coronavirus is NOT my portion in Jesus’ Name!

I step now into the Blood Dimension into your Perfect love and into Psalm 91 where we are protected from all plagues and harm where we are blessed coming in and blessed going out.

Jesus is our provider and protection and our healer!

We now declare and decree no weapon formed against us will prosper and every tongue that rises against us in judgement we condemn and pull down now. Isaiah 54:17

I now release Gods Kingdom on earth in our home, our street and our city and nation in Jesus’ Name.

Revival is being released now. People are being saved faster than any virus can spread. We see miracles and signs and wonders in homes and streets shopping malls and the market place.

*We say Come Holy Spirit Come Holy Spirit!!!*

Holy Spirit You are REVIVAL! WE receive Your fullness in our home and city now.

Revival is here and millions are being swept into God’s Kingdom now in Jesus’ Name!

*Washing your hands from coronavirus*

It is a good practice to wash your hands often.

Remember when Pilate washed his hands saying he wants nothing to do with the guilt of crucifying of Jesus.

Its time to reverse this, *we should now wash our hands and have nothing to do with coronavirus.*

Matt 27:24

Each time you wash or your children wash your hands says this….

*I declare and decree that coronavirus IS NOT!*

○ It is NOT for me and my family and city.

○ I now wash my hands in the Blood of Jesus from coronavirus and renounce all thoughts and fears connected with it.

○ As I wash my hands I am washed in the Blood of Jesus.

 ○ Coronavirus has no power over me and family in Jesus’ Name!

Do this for 20 seconds

 *DO NOT LOOK AT IT!   IT IS NOT!  Coronavirus is NOT!*


Mirjam Horak

29 Jan 2020

I saw how this virus is manmade and is being spread by man.

Specific areas are being targeted to create a complete pandemic.

They will spread it from country to country, with new cases all over the place. This is a program.

They create a problem so they can sell the solution.

We can disarm this attack with our words.

*We can literally pull the coronavirus out of the air with our confession.

* Our words deactivate this virus in the atmosphere.

*It will not come near you if you pull it down with your words.*

*However, it will come to you if you believe it!

* This program is a distraction from something else they are busy with. While people focus on the Coronavirus they will be doings something else.

A classic military decoy and red herring!

A False flag. To hide something much more dangerous.

This is to distract the intercessors! And His people from the Lord and what He is doing!

One of the things they want to push is forced vaccinations!

Everyone is looking for the vaccination that is the trojan horse.

*Do not take the vaccination*

*Take His word and Blood and speak against it.*

The Lord then said, *Why do you look at which is not?*

Proverbs 23:5 Will you set your eyes on that which is not? For riches certainly make themselves wings; They fly away like an eagle toward heaven.

The enemy is getting people to instill images to release fear across the nations.

See emergency hospitals built, graphs and predictions of death and people dying in the streets etc.

The enemy wants you to see that…

It is not for us to look at.

The Lord says, *DO NOT LOOK AT IT!*


*Coronavirus is NOT!*

*Don’t focus on it and study it – that which you focus on gains power in your life!*