Great Revival Sweeping Through Iran As Hundreds Of Thousands Come To Jesus Christ

Source: Great Revival Sweeping Through Iran As Hundreds Of Thousands Come To Jesus Christ | Believers Portal

The Underground Revival In The Middle-East
The Underground Revival In The Middle-East

The people of Iran are disillusioned with Islam and they are looking for answers to life. They are not finding answers in the traditional forms of state religion or the faith of their ancestors. They are looking for new answers, they are not happy and satisfied where they are spiritually. A large number of these people are actually having dreams and visions about a shining man dressed in white far before we are out there telling them about Jesus.

A great revival is going on inside the Islamic Republic of Iran, Christian believers who have planted an “Internet church” in that heavily restricted Middle East country have disclosed.

This may come as a surprise to many, but Christianity is growing faster in the Islamic Republic of Iran than in any other country in the world. Tens of thousands in this overwhelmingly Muslim nation are abandoning the Islamic faith and turning to Jesus Christ.

It may surprise you that one of the fastest growing churches in the world is in Iran. Despite Christianity being outlawed in the Islamic Republic, Iran has the fastest-growing house church movements in the world. Yet that’s the assessment of those who have seen and heard the remarkable story of millions turning away from Shiite Islam and turning toward Jesus Christ.

When someone gets baptized in this house church, people clap and cheer like fans at a World Cup match. While they’ve suffered persecution and often fled for their lives, they still possess an infectious and joyous faith like Iranian believer Raizal.

“Right now you can see the results of the Holy Spirit,” Raizal, one of the believers, told CBN News in Turkey where he was interviewed. “From 1994, there were about 100,000 believers. Right now, there are over 3 million. You can see what the Holy Spirit is doing with the people,” Raizal said.

He said this is happening despite the constant threat, danger, and risk for the believers.

Raizal explained that since churches are banned in Iran, believers use the Internet to connect to churches in the United States, Canada, Germany, and Malaysia via Skype.

“The main church is my house, and through the Internet I connect to everybody,” Raizal said. “That’s why it’s become like an Internet church.”

He said many of the new believers embraced Jesus Christ after having a dream or vision of Him.

He himself dreamt of Jesus a “long time back” and since then Jesus has been with him. “And in all of my life, He was helping me and I didn’t know who was this person. Suddenly Jesus Christ was over there and He said, ‘Come to me.’ And I came to that side and He accepted me,” Raizal told CBN News.

He said many of the believers have fled to Turkey for fear of their own lives. Despite the hardship they are facing at the moment, the believers exude joy as they remain hopeful that they would eventually achieve refugee status and immigrate to other countries, he said.

Iran’s intelligence minister admitted publicly for the first time that Christianity is spreading throughout Iran. reports Mahmoud Alavi, the Islamic Republic’s intelligence minister, was giving a speech in front of several Shia Muslim clerics when he announced “Christianity is spreading in “parts” of Iran.”

Some of the Iranian refugees who have fled to Turkey said they are glad to have “come out of the darkness.”

As he waits for the U.N. office to grant him refugee status, Christian Afshin told CBN News that he can now do things in Turkey that he could not do in Iran like speaking about “God’s Word to other guys,” freely praising the Lord and attending church service.

Afshin said he attended the church led by American Pastor Saeed Abedini, who languished for years in an Iranian prison. That church was disbanded following Abedini’s arrest in 2012, he said.

“As a result, I came out of Iran because day by day it was more difficult and it was more risky for me also,” he explained.

Another Iranian Christian Samira says, “It is like coming out of darkness and into the light. We are so thankful to be able to freely praise our Lord.” God is moving,” she added, “Not even Satan’s strongest army can crush the faith of Christians in our country,” Christians In Pakistan.

Raizal is urging Christians worldwide to pray for the Church in Iran.

“And I’m just begging, really, from the other believers, from other sisters and brothers from all over the world, to pray for Iran and to all the people of Iran to find new God and be familiar with God, with Jesus Christ,” he said.

Iran ranks 9th on Christian support organization Open Doors 2020 World Watch list of the 50 countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian, but this does not stop the rate at which Jesus Christ is winning the heart of the people unto Himself.