The Guinea Pug: a remarkable new guinea pig breed found in Peru

Scientists have found a remarkable, previously unknown, guinea pig breed in a massive, remote and previously unexplored area where the Amazon rainforest meets the Andes mountains.

This guinea pig breed has been named named the “Guinea Pug” in recognition of its strong appearance to the pug dog. It’s scientific name is cavia canis. 

The photo shown is of one of several of the the Guinea Pugs brought to Lima, Peru for investigation.


rare guinea pug

Researchers were first alerted to this amazing new guinea pig breed by locals, who refer to it as ‘Palapupu’.  Locals led the research team through the rocky Andean mountains to a hazardous jungle valley overrun by wild animals in order to seek out the Guinea Pug. In the valley, they came across the most astounding sight: a colony of several dozen Guinea Pugs.

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