Gwendolen Song: An Overcomer’s Dream and a Challenge Messenger


An Overcomers’ Dream and a Challenge
Messenger Gwendolen Song
December 22, 2019In this dream I was shown the end of time. It was the official end of the Church Age. There he was—the lion—the tormenter—the adversary who had been going around the earth accusing the children of God. He went in one direction and the children of God stood tall. They spoke their testimonies LOUDLY. They PROCLAIMED what JESUS had done in their lives. THEY HAD COME TOGETHER AS ONE! He proudly turned in another direction and approached another group of believers. To his dismay he was cut off once again. The children of God began standing taller and taller like large stalks of wheat being kissed by the Son of Righteousness. He gave them their zeal, their strength. It was a glorious day! The lion who once roamed the earth looking for someone to devour had no where to go any longer. End of dream.

I am not going to post any scripture beneath this dream today. I want everyone in his or her heart to ask yourselves if you know the Word of God? Do you know where the passage is that talks about the Son of Righteousness? Even in a general sense? Do you know where the passages are that talk about our adversary, the devil, walking to and fro looking for that golden opportunity to pounce on us? Google them if you need to. Write down this dream. Remember the underlying message. No matter what the enemy puts us through…No matter how victorious he may think he is…There is coming a day where the true overcomers will stand tall in who they are in Christ Jesus. They will shine like the stars and they will give all glory and honor to the King of Glory.

Grab your Bible and take the challenge. Where do you stand today on your Bible knowledge? Find as many verses as you can and smile if this is an easy task for you. You are rightly dividing the Word! 🙂