Gwendolen Song: Is this popular virus the mode of getting the nations prepared for war?


Many “other sources” out there are speculating that we are going to war and this popular virus is the mode of getting the nations prepared for war. That is also what the Holy Spirit has been sharing with me. You just have to take these things to prayer. As I was coming back from California a few weeks ago I did hear from the Holy Spirit FALSE FLAG. As the NWO is organizing and preparing its troops to do its bidding, let us also get organized and prepared to go out to the highways and byways and shine the light of Christ Jesus.

Secondly, I have also heard through prayer from the Holy Spirit that the towers that the 5G equipment are being attached to are likened to pitchforks of the devil. They do not want anyone destroying the equipment on them with gunfire. When people realize that these 5G towers are weapons to kill people the masses will begin shooting up at them trying to spare as many people as they can who are left.

Please repent USA. Repent and stop doing all of the things that are abominations to God. He hates sin. He is a holy and just God. He will not tolerate it. He is going to use China and Russia to purify the world and then He will turn His wrath upon them too. Read the Bible.