I Do Hear You Message 433 – Terri Taplin


I Do Hear You Message 433

Well, we can now see that a lot of things have been going on. Here, yesterday my husband told me that on the sixth, and seventh, he heard his mother calling his name, twice on both days.

He also is still feeling a surge of energy run through him during the day and Carl also just heard the ringing of an old telephone in his right ear.

Last night I was talking to a sister in Christ and told her what Carl had heard, and she said that she wondered if the lord was telling us that the dead in Christ have risen or are rising.

We also have discussed that it is so sad that people will not listen to the Lords messages, and how sad it is that the people of the world will not listen to His warnings.

I also saw a comment yesterday wondering if the children would be taken even if their parents were not saved.

Last night I had two dreams that did not seem urgent and I told the Lord that of course I would post them but that I wanted to take care of some other things first, and this morning just before I woke up we had an earth quake. Well guess what, I have not done anything except stay with the Lord today.

I was not up long and got very tired, I laid down and took a nap longer than normal. I had a few dreams that I know were from the Lord, but was not meant to remember them but one dream I remember very well and can still see it.

The first dream last night I saw a haggard looking woman and I was teaching her how to use a steam cleaner. She did not want to use it even though the carpet really needed it. She wanted to use another tool to clean the carpet. She then started to run the steam cleaner but was not doing it as I had showed her, I could tell she wanted nothing to do with it. Then there was a young child tugging at her wanting her to pay attention to them and not clean the carpet.

The next dream I saw Nicholas Cage, he was leading a high school band. The music stopped and he started telling them of not being a bully and how to see themselves with esteem. To not let themselves believe the lies that they are not good enough, etc.

The dream I had when I laid back down was that I was in Heaven, I was at my grandmother’s house, it was empty and being renovated, it looked a lot like her house here on earth but was enlarged, and getting new carpet, paint and windows. The carpet was a short pile carpet, a creamy yellow with small roses in full bloom, the roses were a dusty rose color.

I met her in the house and asked her about the new changes, if she were happy with them and she said that she was very happy with them. I also saw my uncle Bob, he was there putting in new windows. I mentioned to him that I remembered him putting in the first windows.

Both my grandmother and uncle had left the earth years ago. In life my uncle did not put the windows in when my grandmother’s house was first built.

When I woke up I was led to a video a woman had posted an hour before of a dream of the dead rising. I did like it if you would like to see it.

I see that the Lord does know, see and hear all. The Lord gave me the knowing that the first dream was of the people, here now.

So many are worn out and have stopped listening to His messages and His Will for them. Some have even stopped answering their calling from Him, and they are now turning their attention to other things.

Many also refuse to listen to the messages, and warnings He has given and gives through us, to come to Him and receive Him. That no matter how much we warn them, and share His message, some will refuse to listen until the end.

The second dream of the children was that they are not caged by their parents beliefs. He will take them home when He calls. The name Nicholas means peoples’ victory, they will have victory through Him and they are very valuable to Him.

The third dream was that the dead have been rising, and some have risen. He will not tell me if this is completely done yet.

My Children, I do hear you, even when you do not think I do.

I hear every thought, and every word.

I know you are wondering where we are in things.

I tell you now, I COME.

All is in place, and you are coming home so very soon now.

I tell you true, what you are going through has not been in vain.

Just like when you were growing up, you did not always listen to your parents or others as they were trying to guide you, but later when you needed these words I brought them back to you.

The warning and messages you share will be remembered and will come to them when they need them the most.

Please endure to the end, as The End Is Here.

I know many are weak, many are tired, but I tell you true it will not be long now.

I Am with you My loves, and things Are coming together faster than you know.

I Am calling all of you, have courage, come in to Me and rest, in the peace of knowing, I AM Coming, and I AM coming now.


God bless you all and I love you.