The Heart Of Man Is Not The Heart Of Me Message 402 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Jan 17, 2017

The Heart Of Man Is Not The Heart Of Me Message 402

My Children, What is in your heart? Is your heart truly filled with Me and My love for others? Is it filled with My Holy Spirit, or the spirit of man?

I have given message after message, hoping that you will hear My voice and My gospel of love, only to see you pick up what you think is My cross, and hit your brother over the head with it.

You even go as far as to call those I truly speak through names and make false accusations because the message I gave them to share does not fit into your way of thinking.

I work with every one of you on an individual basis, and I am the one to decide what, where, and when I will do things in them, and not you.

I ask the ones that are so very fast to come against your brother or sister with your understanding of scripture, do you hear My voice?

If you think you do, and you think I told you to attack your brother, you did not, as this is not of Me.

If you do not hear My voice, why do you not hear Me.

Do you not know that I seek a pure heart, a heart that is of Me?

I Am a God of love, peace and forgiveness, and I ask you, why are you not of the same heart?

We are to be one, of one mind and one heart as the Father and I are one.

It is up to you to love, to be My light unto the world, but when they hear your words, they hear of a God that is full of condemnation, one that wants everyone perfect as I Am, before they look to Me.

They see people that are so stubborn, so unwilling to bend to My truth and understanding that they run from Me.

They hear you judge, belittle and even attack each other to the point that I would not want to come to Me if I were them either.

Where is your love, where is your joy, your trust, your faith?

You say you are Mine but you do not act Me, you say you see the signs, that you know I Am coming soon, but do you really?

If you truly had My heart, and not the heart of man you would not lash out, your words would be of love and not condemnation.

If your heart is not filled with My love, if it is filled with hate, condemnation, self righteousness, guilt, gossip, judgment and malice how can you think this is not sin?

I judge your heart, your intentions, your motive, if your motive is to point out that they are wrong, to cast a stone and back it up with the scripture the way man believes it is understood, this is not love, and you will be judged as you judge.

Do you not understand this? Do you not understand that This is an unclean spirit?

My Children, if you truly are My children, please stop, come into Me and let Me show you My truth, let Me make your heart pure as there is so very, very little time.

My love in you is what makes your heart pure, you can love Me, but you need to live in My love to be pure.


The Lord has told us time and time again to love, not judge, not condemn. I do not understand why it is so very hard for people to let go of themselves, to let go of the world and it’s beliefs, to hold on to Him and let Him teach and lead them.
I pray the blood of Jesus Christ over this and everyone of His messages and His people, that every soul seeks Him and lets Him in and truly receive His truth, love and understanding. Amen