Heaven Researched PART 1: Bodies in heaven float above the ground – Susan Davis


Heaven Researched Part 1–Bodies in heaven float above the ground:

I recently read different people’s accounts of seeing heaven—either through a near-death experience or by a vision or out-of-body-experience—but coincidentally, I began to notice tiny details that they shared that they would not have known about the other’s reports had they not seen it.

This prompted me to do further research and I uncovered many similarities that are highly unlikely that these people had any connection—so therefore, it makes you think that perhaps their accounts of what they had seen are most likely accurate.

According to Dr. Dale Fife, in his book The Hidden Kingdom—the Holy Spirit speaks through pictures—through visions.

This is why prophets of the Bible were called “Seers” and not “Hearers.” Habakkuk 2:1 I will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts; I will look to SEE what he will SAY to me, and what answer I am to give to this complaint.

These things reported by various people with visions/out-of-body-experiences and actual near-death experiences of heaven and their similarities are more than likely accurate.

Bodies in heaven float above the ground…

I stood awestruck in a new weightless body, translucent and floating—Dr. R. Eby

I surveyed my paradise and this new body that floated!—Dr. R. Eby

What a place Jesus had prepared! I hung stock-still suspended in weightlessness a few feet above the flowered meadow—Dr. R. Eby

The first thing that I saw were two angels hovering nearby, suspended several feet above the ground.—Dr. Dale Fife

At the thought, I was running without touching the ground—Dr. R. Eby

Once the Angel took me up a hill and as we climbed I realized I was hovering above the grass a few inches.—Wm. Hernandez

An Angel began walking beside me as I floated down the path—Anna Rountree

Even the angels, gliding quietly just above the ground—Dr. Dale Fife

Did you have to lean down to reach Little Victoria? She replied, “No I didn’t have to lean over…her float flied.”—Victoria, 6 Big, Big, Big Angels