Heaven Researched PART 2: Bodies in heaven are translucent – Susan Davis


Susan Davis
26 June 2018

I recently read different people’s accounts of seeing heaven—either through a near-death experience or by a vision or out-of-body-experience—but coincidentally, I began to notice tiny details that they shared that they would not have known about the other’s reports had they not seen it.

This prompted me to do further research and I uncovered many similarities that are highly unlikely that these people had any connection—so therefore, it makes you think that perhaps their accounts of what they had seen are most likely accurate.

1 Corinthians 2:14: The man without the SPIRIT does not accept the things that come from the SPIRIT of GOD, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.

Bodies in heaven are translucent….

I stood awestruck in a new weightless body, translucent and floating—Dr. R. Eby

I glanced at my wrist to note the time, since there was no sun in the sky. My wrist had no watch on it, nor was there any telltale evidence of a watch—the whole arm and body was of a beautiful, glowing, semi-transparent material without mar or scar. I gasped to realize that it was ME!—Dr. R. Eby

Transparent to the direct gaze, yet semi-solid—I saw no muscles, nerves, vessels, bones just that homegeneous glass-like spirit-matter—Dr. R. Eby

“Light does pass through my skin,” He said. “But Anna, light can pass through your skin, for those who draw near to Me (Jesus), are light bearers. The nearer they come, the more light passes through their skin to others.”—Anna Rountree

These spirits were not solid in appearance. They were closer to being transparent, but with a bluish-silver light that outlined their forms.—Anna Rountree, Heavens Opened Up

I also noticed that my body was clear like light blue glass– Wm. Hernandez

Suddenly before us in the air, were twenty-four spirits. They were ice blue, like clear gemstones. I could see right through them.—Anna Rountree, The Priestly Bride

All heaven is formed of supernatural light that is substantial and transparent, reflecting the glory of God in everything, everywhere.—Anna Rountree

The Lord said that everything there wasn’t really crystal, but in heaven you can see through everything because all things are laid bare, because that’s what truth is. It’s open and transparent and honest. These characteristics are bestowed on everything in heaven, which is why it seems like everything is made of glass or crystal. I looked at my hands and could see that I was transparent. The Lord also had these transparent qualities.—Wm. Hernandez

I thought “I must be able to see clearly now that I’m in this light.” So, I looked to my right and to my amazement there was my arm and hand but I could see straight through them.
I was transparent like a spirit, only my body was full of the same light that was shining on me from the end of the tunnel.—Ian McCormack