HEAVEN RESEARCHED PART 4: Fragrance of God – Susan Davis


I recently read different people’s accounts of seeing heaven—either through a near-death experience or by a vision or out-of-body-experience—but coincidentally, I began to notice tiny details that they shared that they would not have known about the other’s reports had they not seen it… This prompted me to do further research and I uncovered many similarities that are highly unlikely that these people had any connection—so therefore, it makes you think that perhaps their accounts of what they had seen are most likely accurate.
John 3:12: I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?

Fragrance of GOD
Then I noticed something amazingly delightful: I was bathed in a delicate perfume, totally “heavenly!” I had been smelling it all along, but was too excited to stop and sniff its absolute loveliness. It seemed to permeate the landscape and me. I imagined that whatever it was, it was certainly fit only for a king!—Dr. R. Eby

Victoria of 6 Big, Big, Big Angels reported that both Christ & God had a distinctively wonderful fragrance to her.

I became more aware of the pleasant fragrances around the throne area and of the interwoveness of sound and color and smell. These cannot be woven on earth the way they are blended here in heaven. We below can experience them simultaneously, but above they seem to have the same properties. It is more like water being poured into water. Water, having the same property, can be mixed. So it is here with sound, light, and fragrance. It seems strange to see sound, hear color, and for smell to have a tangible quality to it; yet in heaven, it all seems natural, right and even obvious.—Anna Rountree, Heavens Opened

I want to interject my own experience here: one time, I was alone in my bed room and I was reading something about GOD at the time and then the Presence of GOD came into the room and I was so overwhelmed I immediately went down on the floor prostrate and wept and wept….it was the most frightening experience to be in the presence of such holiness. I felt so filthy, so dirty…ruined near GOD’s holiness….But when the experience was over there was this incredible smell in the air like after a thunderstorm blows through and right after the air seems clean….later I read that there was a young child who had a near-death experience and one day after that she was sitting on her mother’s lap outside and a thunderstorm had just come through and the air had that clean smell and the child said to her mother, “That smells like GOD….”–I was so stunned when I read this, since this is exactly what I had experienced!