HEAVEN RESEARCHED PART 8: Music in Heaven – Susan Davis


HEAVEN RESEARCHED Part 8: Music in Heaven: Constant Heavenly Music that Seems to Come from Within

I recently read different people’s accounts of seeing heaven—either through a near-death experience or by a vision or out-of-body-experience—but coincidentally, I began to notice tiny details that they shared that they would not have known about the other’s reports had they not seen it… This prompted me to do further research and I uncovered many similarities that are highly unlikely that these people had any connection—so therefore, it makes you think that perhaps their accounts of what they had seen are most likely accurate.

Constant Heavenly Music that Seems to Come from Within

Music surrounded me. It came from all directions. Its harmonic beauty unlike earthly vocal or instrumental sounds was totally undistorted. It flowed unobtrusively like a glassy river, quietly worshipful, excitingly edifying, and totally comforting. It provided a reassuring type of comfort much like a blanket that whispered peace and love. I had never sensed anything like it. Perhaps “angelic” would describe it.—Dr. R. Eby

This music was “sounding” within my head, not from an eardrum—obviously it was not airborne. Most unusual to me was the absence of any “beat” I realized that without “time” this heavenly music could have no beat, which is a measure of time. I was hearing harmonic perfection, undistorted interposed medium between me and its source, as heard mind-to-mind. I could wait no longer to ask: Jesus, tell me about this wondrous music all about me. Who is the composer? How is it made? From whence does it come—it is gorgeous! Since I am the Creator—I am the composer of heaven’s music which you are hearing.”—Dr. R. Eby

When I was inside the wonderful gardens touching those beautiful flowers, I began to hear the marvelous melody of a music that permeated the air. There were no speakers or any other device where the music could originate from. It was as if the air was carrying this music. I marveled and asked the angel, “Who is playing that music? Where are the musicians who are playing that glorious melody?” He took me immediately before a band of angels in heaven. I was there in utter astonishment, as I was looking at all the wonders of the living God! These angels were playing different instruments with such a harmony that the melody was glorious! This was a music that I cannot explain with words! I also heard an angelic choir harmonize their voices with the music. It was too precious to describe!—This was described by a man Obed Peña who had a vision of Heaven/Hell At 3 o’ clock in the morning of that Saturday, August 24th, 1974.

You must understand, my son, that original creation mirrored the composition and perfection of Person-God. All creation vibrated in unison with and was total accord and harmony everywhere as the whole creation was resonating with and in God!—Dr. R. Eby

Each separate thing or being thus carried out an appointed task in our scheme for the universe. A heaven-form of music resulted as even the state of their appointed circuits. Here in paradise you are hearing these melodious vibrations directly upon your new mind, undistorted. On earth you heard sounds through air waves. Throughout heaven, the music flows from my throne, uninterrupted, undefiled, and peace-giving.—Dr. R. Eby

It was clear enough that God’s “heaven-music” was ever-present as a permeating reminder of the purity and power of its Creator.—Dr. R. Eby

GOD: Music became the resulting harmony from all of our creations, both of matter and energy. All resonated in unison with us. The elementary form within and from and in ourselves. I might explain it as a triad of sub-electronic energy particles with and around which we constructed everything in our universe in wave-forms we called light: whereas the material-forms we called dust of the earth and water and air. Out of these, and into these, we created and birds and fishes and vegetable life to support them. Over these we created a mankind to supervise them as our appointed custodians made in our image to act for us on earth!—Dr. R. Eby

I just stood still, surveying the peace-filled valley, quiet except for the background music that flowed through and around everything.—Wm. Hernandez

It’s here that I heard old time hymns playing in the background like elevator music.—Wm. Hernandez

It seemed as if I were part of the music—and it played in and through my body—I felt as if the heavenly concert permeated every part of my being…Don Piper (90 minutes in heaven)

As strange as it may seem, I could clearly distinguish each song. It sounded as if each hymn of praise was meant for me to hear as I moved inside the gates.—Many of the old hymns and choruses I had sung at various times in my life were part of the music—along with hundreds of songs I had never heard before—Don Piper (90 Minutes in Heaven)