How I Met Jesus – My Conversation With Satan

How I Met Jesus /My Conversation With Satan-Confession of Black Magician,Witchcraft/Occult Master 10

Part 10 of the confession of a former witchcraft practitioner, black magician, occultist, wizard and warlock but now a practicing Christian and international evangelist devoted to serving Jesus Christ. He continues his testimony of how he was saved and delivered from the kingdom of darkness by the Lord Jesus Christ.
The evangelist was once a very powerful member high up in the devil’s kingdom. Some of the things about him is not shared because even those shared here many sceptics found very difficult to believe. : His cultic name that Satan gave him was “Bag of Wickedness.” He had a spiritual bag that he used for many things, like concealing things -no matter how big, stealing things or escaping from jail.. The authorities stopped arresting him when he was in the Dark Kingdom because they could never keep him in prison – he would render himself invisible and escape. Once a squad of soldiers commanded by a major came to arrest him and he told him, “I have killed more men than your eyes have ever even seen.” They opened up on him with AK-47’s and he handed them the bullets! He was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself who appeared to him and changed his name to Omoobajesu which means in Yoruba language, “Son of King Jesus.” Such is the power of many of the devil’s servants and we are beginning to see this level of power here in America today.