How to Intercede For The Lost


Have you prayed for your loved ones, and not had any results?

Every time you pray, you try and find the words to pray — “LORD, save them; LORD get them!” — but you’re not sure exactly how to pray, prayer that will be effective. One of the biggest weapons the enemy uses to keep people in darkness — to keep them from coming to and knowing Y’shua1 (Jesus) as their Saviour and KING — is to blind their eyes and hearts to the TRUTH, to veil them from SEEING …

• The word for blinded used in the New Testament is tuphloo (Strong’s G5186) — meaning to “make blind, to obscure”. It comes from the root word tuphlos, which means to “make smoky or opaque”. Inherent in the meaning of this word is self-conceit or pride. It entered the human race at the fall and that is when the veil came. (men vs. women.)

How does the enemy keep unbelievers blinded? With plans and schemes.

2 Corinthians 2:11 “Lest satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.”

Let’s look at some of the key words used in this passage:

  • Pleonekteo (Strong’s G4122) — meaning to “covet; want more; wants the most; to have more than another; to have or to hold the bigger portion of something”. Through our ignorance of satan’s way of scheming, planning and plotting, he will get the bigger portion of certain areas in our lives — and control those areas.

• Ignorant:

  • Agnoeo (Strong’s G50) — meaning “unacquainted with; without knowledge or understanding”. Don’t be without understanding on how the enemy operates in people’s lives.

• Devices:

  • Noema (Strong’s G3540) — meaning “schemes; a device (a plan, a trick) a thought; a concept of the mind; contrivance (deceitful practice)”. Again, if we do not know how satan operates, he holds the bigger portion of the way we think — this is especially true for those who are not believers and walking after Y’shua (Jesus), lovingly obeying GOD’s Commandments.

“Do not be ignorant” — this means GOD is willing to show us how the enemy operates, so that we can intercede and change that. For example — if you are:

• Ignorant in marriage, satan will get the bigger portion.
• Ignorant in/of politics and education, satan gets the bigger portion.

Satan covets all we have, then he schemes and knives to get the bigger portion. Satan understands culture, human nature, how to work on the human mind, and how to build strongholds — individually and as well as in cultures/societies.

He is an EXPERT in scheming and planning to enslave people. If we know his schemes, we will know how to pray — to intercede — to take away his advantage … and get RESULTS.
The Hebrew word for intercession is PAGA2 (Strong’s H6293), meaning “to fall, to attack, to intercede, reached, strike the mark, touched, and reached”.

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