I am a Father to my children – Bread from the Potter


Source: I am a Father to my children – Bread from the Potter

5/12/2018Isaiah 9:6, Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15, Luke 19:13


I AM a Father to my children

My ears are open to you my children.

I am listening to your prayers and I am answering them.

Just because the time of judgment is at hand does not mean that I have stopped being a Father to you.

I am a Father in the days of peace and in the days of turmoil.

I am a Father in the days of plenty and in the days of famine.

Do not stop praying for your individual and family needs as well as the needs of the church and the community in which you live.

Some of you have taken a fatalistic view of life in general.

Children, keep on living, occupy until I return, go to work, to school, and pay your bills.

The words of prophecy and my plans for the nations do not excuse you from living your life to the fullest.

All I ask is that you remember to spend much time in prayer not just for yourselves but also for your families and communities.

Do not forget your primary duty which is the evangelization of the world.

Evangelize with much fervor, with much urgency, for the time is short and there is still much that must be accomplished.

There is never a time to take a break from telling someone else about me and about what I have and I am doing in your lives.

You do not have to hold a crusade or a prayer meeting in order to evangelize, just open your mouth and share the experiences you have had with me with those that you meet.

Invite them to church, pray with and for them.

Be a comfort to the despairing, a strengthener to the weak, a shoulder to lean on for the sorrowful.

Rejoice with those who rejoice in good and righteousness and empathize with the downtrodden.

Lend a hand and pull the fallen up onto their feet, provide them me, do not allow them to be a parasite, lead them to me so they can learn to depend on me and not on you.

Use wisdom children. You cannot be God to another person; you can only lead them to me and I will take over and care for them.

Live this life children, be all that I have called you to be.

Children, these are the days of strengthening, these are the days to make sure that your faith is sure, strong, rooted only in me.

This is the time to put your house in order for challenging times are ahead of you, and if you are not deeply rooted in me now you will not be able to weather the storm effectively.

I do not want you to drown in the coming time of great distress for you must go through trials and tribulations before my return.

If you are not firmly planted in me now you will be overcome by the coming flood.

Do not deceive yourself into thinking that you cannot be moved; only those who have made me their sure tower will weather this storm.

Children you must prepare now, fortify yourself with my word, be greedy for the understanding of my word, be voracious for my presence, be so dependent on me that I am first on your mind always.

I love you my beloved children and I do not wish to see any of you perish and indeed some will perish.

You ask how is that possible? It is not just possible I have already told you so in my word for did I not say that there will be a great falling away?

There will be and many of those who will fall away will not return to me and instead will perish.

It is for this reason that I want you to make sure that you are truly rooted in me, there is no time for wavering to and fro, defend your stance in me and do not be distracted by the flesh.

Do not be afraid child, those who humble themselves before me are ensured a future in me.

I am your Father, I am watching over you always.

I love you.

Jesus, Amen.