I AM remembers you – Bread from the Potter


Source: I AM remembers you – Bread from the Potter

7 May 2018

Psalm 25:6-7, Psalm 105:7-8, psalm 112:6, psalm 115:129

I AM remembers you

My children, yes disaster comes to the nations of the earth for I have been rejected by the nations yes but most painful of all I have been rejected in my own house. You who have remained faithful to me are a refreshing to my soul and I will not forget your faithfulness to me, I will reward you exceedingly in this life and in the next not as man rewards but as I reward, not necessarily financially but in every area of your life and I will remember your children and your children’s children on the day I rise up to judge not only my church but also the nations of the earth.

You have not travailed in vain, your labor of love is not overlooked, the sacrifices you have made and the pain you have suffered are not minute in my sight. I have collected all the tears you have cried in your times of grief, pain, suffering and joy. My beloved, you are not forgotten and you are not overlooked. Yes right now many of you are eating bitter roots and drinking bile for water, the instruments of affliction, but my beloved, bitter days will not last forever for indeed sorrow may last through the night but joy comes in the morning.

I remember you, I know you, your name is written in the palm of my hand, your face is ever before me and unto you shall I pour out great mercy and grace. I will remember you in the midst of the overthrow, your enemies will search for you in vain for I will rescue my own, I will cover you under the shadow of my wings and none shall overcome you. You are my beloved my precious gems and the heavier the affliction the brighter you shine. Do not despair, do not listen to the enemy’s lies for he is tormenting you with lies, do not believe him, you hold on to what I have promised you in my word. Remember the rhema that I have delivered unto you, meditate on my promises to you, chew on them like you would chew on savory meat, let the taste linger in your mouth; enjoy it fully before you swallow it.

Children, I am your salvation none will steal you from my hand I remember you always. Keep on crying out to me I hear your prayers and on the wings of these prayers I have sent my angels to accomplish all that you have asked according to my will for you. You are my children I am exceedingly merciful to you and to the ones who have set their hearts to pursue righteousness I will reveal my glory. I am not hiding from you I will not only reveal the blessings of my hands but also the blessings of my face. I am well pleased to show my glory on your behalf. I will bless in the little things and in the impossible things for I am the God of the impossible and who can withstand my hand? I will overtake and overturn your enemies on your behalf and I will make the thief pay back sevenfold what he has stolen from you.

I will not remember the iniquity of your youth and I will forgive all your transgressions, I will cast all into the sea of forgetfulness. I will look at you through the lens of grace. I will immerse you in my Son’s blood and you will be as white as snow. You are mine, I am your God who can come against me and not perish? I will deliver you from the fowler’s snare and your feet shall not sink in the miry clay. I am with you always.

Remember me even as I remember you.

Your Father, Yahweh.