Illuminati In South Africa: Illuminati and Masonic Symbols in the South African Coat of Arms

Source: Illuminati In South Africa: Illuminati and Masonic Symbols in the South African Coat of Arms

Illuminati In South Africa

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Illuminati and Masonic Symbols in the South African Coat of Arms

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I was sitting in class the other day bored as hell. I started paging through the course pack until I came across the Government Gazette with the South African coat of arms on the front page. I noticed how the coat of arms is infested with Masonic symbols. I did some research on what the symbols represent. According to the ‘government’ this is what they symbolize:

The sun “An emblem of brightness, splendour and the supreme principle of the nature of energy, it symbolizes the promise of rebirth, the active faculties of reflection, knowledge, good judgment and willpower. It is the symbol of the source of life, of light and the ultimate wholeness of humanity”

The secretary bird “is a symbol of divine majesty. Its uplifted wings are an emblem of the ascendance of our nation, while simultaneously offering us its protection. It is depicted in gold, which clearly symbolizes its association with the sun and the highest power”

The protea flower “is an emblem of the beauty of our land and the flowering of our potential as a nation in pursuit of the African Renaissance”

The spear and knobkerrie are “dual symbols of defence and authority; they in turn represent the powerful legs of the secretary bird. The spear and knobkerrie are lying down, symbolizing peace. ”

The human figures shaking hands “figures are depicted in an attitude of greeting, symbolizing unity”

The elephant tusks “symbolize wisdom, strength, moderation and eternity.”

The shield “has a dual function as a vehicle for the display of identity and of spiritual defence”

The ears of the wheat “is an emblem of fertility, it also symbolizes the idea of germination, growth and the feasible development of any potential.”

You can access more deceiving info about the coat of arms symbological meaning by clicking on the following ‘government’ link:

Well I don’t buy this bull depicted up there. In the eyes of those who possess the stolen knowledge of our forefathers, they know the actual esoteric meaning. The aim of this blog is to make the ‘invisible-visible’ .Before I indulge into detail of the actual symbological meaning I request the reader to read more about Masonicsymbology. Large volumes of work have been written up on this and it is readily available on the internet.

Ladies and gents this is what the coat of arms symbolizes:

Search for images of the South African coat of arms to obtain an image of the above with a better resolution.