The importance of fighting darkness in our daily walk…


Today in my prayer time–the LORD talked about the importance of fighting darkness and the different ways we can fight darkness in our daily walk:

-Reading our Bibles and better understanding the Mind of CHRIST
-Praying to fight the darkness all around us
-Giving away Bibles so others can understand the Mind of CHRIST
-Witnessing to people whenever the chance comes
-Encouraging others who struggle in their faith
-Being a light to others through Facebook and other ways
-Standing up for righteousness against evil
-Fighting for those who don’t have a voice: orphans and widows, underprivileged; handicapped, people with all kinds of challenges
-Standing up to evil against bullies–and those who pick on others
-Being willing to go to bat for someone instead of acting like you don’t see what’s going on
-Exposing evil even when it’s not popular and even if it costs you
-And there is so much more but if you make yourself available, GOD will suit you up with armor and send you into the battle

PS: Don’t worry about your size, brains, wit, or intellect–the battle is for the lowly because GOD gets all the credit anyway….