Instruct your children in righteousness – Bread from the Potter


Source: Instruct your children in righteousness – Bread from the Potter

Date: 3rd May 2018

Children, if you have done your due diligence concerning raising your children in my admonition then do not despair when they become rebellious. You do your part, have Bible study with them, pray daily with them and take them to church with you. Live a Christian life before them, lead by example and do not be a hypocrite. No matter how rebellious children get especially during their teenage years they are still watching you, you are still the greatest influence in their life and when they grow older and wiser they will seek to imitate you in their adult life especially if you have set a Godly example of parenthood and integrity before them.

Pray for them my children tell them my truths do not give them a watered down gospel that is meant to please their ears and leave them feeling comfortable in sin, always lead them into my truth no matter how politically incorrect it is as par the eyes of the world. My Word is true and correct, it is not fallible it is sure and is everlasting. However tempting it may seem, do not tamper with my Word to please your children, your loyalty is first and foremost to me.

No matter the cost teach your children my truths and rebuke them when they stray from the path of righteousness, use my Word to correct them and do not be ashamed to share your own experiences with them but remember to use wisdom in this area depending on the age and understanding of your children. Yes you have been saved for a while, you have matured and have overcome some of your weaknesses, use these to encourage your children that they too can overcome temptation through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Parents, dire times are ahead of you, you cannot keep the truth away from your children, war is coming, natural disasters will increase, lawlessness and wickedness are on the rise daily, your children need to be aware of the times they are living in, explain it to them as clearly as possible depending on their age and level of maturity, use much wisdom in this area, do not be a purveyor of fear to your children, tell them the truth including the fact that however dark it gets I am in control, my arms are open to whoever will come to me.

There is nothing for my children to fear, those who have put their trust in me are covered by my blood and yes some will lose their lives in the war and through natural disasters but those who trust in me should not fear death for what is death to a Christian but a passage from life to eternal life? The point I am trying to make here is prepare your children as best as you can for what is about to befall this nation and the whole world. They should know who I am, they should understand that however bad it gets my eyes are on my children and no matter the cost you should not deny me for your eternal soul depends on the choices you make while you are still living in your body of flesh.

Prepare them, fortify them with prayer and my Word, for my Word is truth and it brings light and liberty to all who read it. Prepare yourselves and prepare your children, too many are blind, let my truth give them sight. Seek wisdom from me on how to impart wisdom to your children.

I love you. I love your children. I wish that none perish.

Jesus. Amen.

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