KJV – list of verses that have changed

16 October 2016

Here are a list of verses that have changed. There may be more to change in the future or maybe these verses will go back to normal. I don’t know. But, please research your King James and see it for yourself. Then, who is doing this and what is the motivation behind it.

Luke 6:49—when Jesus spoke of not building your house on shifting sand but on the rock….now sand has been changed to EARTH.

Mark 13:10—-the word “preached” replaced by PUBLISHED

Luke 8:39….”proclaimed” replaced by PUBLISHED

Luke 17:31 —the word “possessions” replaced by STUFF

In Numbers and Exodus…the word “womb” is mentioned 24 times and has been replaced by MATRIX

Job 19:23….”written in a scroll” replaced by PRINTED IN A BOOK

Revelations 5…”scroll” replaced by BOOK

Genesis 1:1….”heavens” replaced by HEAVEN

Isaiah 11:6…instead of the Lion lying with the Lamb it is now the WOLF lying with the Lamb

Isaiah 65:25…again WOLF instead of Lion

Matthew 6:9-13….”on earth” now IN EARTH. “trespass” and “trespasser” now DEBT and DEBTORS

Matthew 9:17…”wine skins” changed to BOTTLES

Mark 2:22…”wine skins” changed to BOTTLES

Luke 19:23…”those who lend” has been changed to TAKE IT TO THE BANK

Luke 19:27….SLAY THEM BEFORE ME has been inserted. It has never said that.

Deuteronomy 17:1….”defect” was replaced by EVILFAVOUREDNESS (I don’t think that’s a word)

Ecclesiastes 3:11….”eternity” replaced by WORLD

Matthew 13:15….”waxed cold” replaced by WAXED GROSS

Isaiah 60:2…”deep” darkness replaced by GROSS darkness

Job 21:24…”his pails” are full of milk has been replaced with HIS BREASTS ARE FULL OF MILK

Numbers 11:12….”as a father beareth the sucking child”..now says AS A NURSING FATHER

Luke 1:35…”holy one” replaced by HOLY THING

Luke 5:19 and 5:24…”bed” replaced by COUCH

Acts 12:4…”Passover” replaced by EASTER

Revelation 12:12….”inhabitants” replaced by INHABITERS and AND THE SEA inserted—never there before.

Revelation 22:21…added. It previously ended with verse 20.

Ruth 4:4…”tell” replaced by ADVERTISE

Numbers 24:14..”advise” replaced by ADVERTISE

Genesis 40:1…”cupbearer” replaced by BUTLER

Romans 5:4….”patience” replaced by EXPERIENCE