Leaving Egypt Message 496 – Terri Taplin


Published on Apr 13, 2017

Leaving Egypt Message 496

My Children, are you ready, do you know that through My power and by My might you will be taken out of Egypt?

Just like the time I took My people out of Egypt I am going to take you out, but not like that time.

I will not take you to a new land on earth, but I will take you to a new realm.

Tell the world that now is the time to come to Me, and to pray they are found worthy to escape what is to come but I know many will not heed the words.

I Am a loving a faithful God and even the ones that will not listen yet, I will provide for them just as I did the people I took out of Egypt as not all of them were truly Mine.

I provide shelter, food, and safety, I AM God and I can do all things.

There are many that have been shown that they will be transformed, and they will come back and help the ones that had not been ready for the different harvest as they happened.

There will be a time that all that I have created will come out, and all that will be left will be evil.

Heaven and earth will pass away, but not My Words nor will I ever.

Know I have all things in hand, and trust all will be fine.

Know I can and will do all I have promised, trust everything will be fine and stay in Me now, and while you are still here pray for all to see the light of My truth and receive all that is of Me now and all that have be made ready to come out.

Pray My Will to be done, as I AM God and My Will will be done in all things and in everyone that I have created.


I had for awhile now been wondering about the Raptures, and how many there were. In the dream about being at the airport and boarding the airplane, I saw there were three terminals of people.
Two of them had people waiting, they were not in line yet. The first terminal, had the people in line boarding the plane.
In the last dream I had where there were aliens and robots coming after the people I had forgotten that there was another group of people I was with first.
It was dark and those people disappeared, then I went to help the other people holding off the aliens and robots. As I was shooting at them the people disappeared.
The Lord had showed me in scripture that there are five harvest, barley, wheat, grape, fig, and olive, and they do not get harvested at the same time.
In the dreams I have had I have had, and in others, I have seen that we leave before things happen, I have seen that I have been transformed and am back in this new body helping people, taking them to safety and them leaving but not at the same time.
When I am helping people there is much going on that is bad, attacks, bombs, shooting, confinement, war, martial law, earthquakes, Tsunamis, flooding, etc.
In the last dream I had the only thing that was left in the dark world was the fallen angels and their creations, (the robots). The robots were not people even people that followed them, they were of their making.
I have also had dreams of being somewhere in a field teaching people of the love of Jesus.
In messages, the Lord has said that He wants all to come home, He has said that He will make a way for them. He has not said just when they will be taken home.
He has also said that they will all see the light and that some will go to a realm that they will lean and given a chance to receive Him.
God does have a plan for all of His creation and His will, will be done. There is much that has been hidden but His sheep hear His voice and we are being shown so very much.
All of it shows His love, protection and His plan that we all be with Him for all eternity.
Please do not fear, trust in the Lord and stay in prayer for all to come to the Lord and receive all that is of Him now so more may not have to stay behind, that we all be found worthy to escape that which is to come.
God bless us all and I love you.