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Susan Davis
7 September 2016

More info on list of cursed objects –

Yes, objects can be cursed.  I can give my own testimony on this in response for a request for this information–

I had purchased a stained glass ball a while back and I went back to the shop I had gotten it from and found they were calling them “witchballs”

— well I did not like the reference to the occult–but I just put it off like that is ridiculous

— then the LORD spoke to me on the spot and HE said: “Are you going to let that object come between you and GOD?”

And I was stunned so I immediately got rid of it so no one else could get it either–

and I have since discovered other items and dumped them out such as graven images that the Bible talks about–

if in doubt about something–just get rid of it…

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