Loosing Your Own Soul by Kat Kerr


Published on 10 Jun 2016

 by Kat Kerr : The Body of Christ needs a Soul Check-up. If you do not like what you have been reading, hearing or even saying yourself about the elections or anything else : Trashing, Bashing, Judging, Despising or even Hating one another just because you believe or choose differently from each other; then you NEED to do the following so that your soul can prosper!
Every word you hear, read or say goes into your own soul which will cause you to think on those words, choose those words and speak those words and if they are negative, hurtful, despising words; your soul will begin to be filled with wounds and/or darkness. If you want to clean out your soul then say what the Father taught me to keep my soul free of fear or sadness so that I could prosper :
“Father, I choose as an act of My Will to Loose all negative, hateful, hurting, bashing, trashing, angry, judgmental, wasteful words and/or images from my soul right now in Jesus name. I will no longer participate with anything that brings death, fear or defilement nor tolerate them in my life.”
After you have done that and meant it, say this to fill your soul with Life!
“Father I now choose as an Act of my Will, to have you download into my soul – Your Love, Your Presence, Your Joy, Your Life, Your Power, Your Plans and Your Hope so that I can manifest for you and cause my soul to prosper, in Jesus’ name I RECEIVE IT.”
When we speak Life, not only will our souls prosper but so will others. Now thank Him for giving us the choice to forgive and be forgiven! GOD WANTS OUR SOULS TO PROSPER BUT WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GUARDING OUR SOUL (HEART) FOR OUT OF IT WILL FLOW THE WAY WE LIVE OUR LIVES!
We all need to do a SOUL CHECK-UP at least once a week (including declaring individually over each of our children’s souls) and do not forget to include loosing fear too. This can also be used to loose any grief, despair, torment, confusion, witchcraft or curses, addictions or traumas even if they happened long ago. It really works if we choose with our Will and receive by Faith.
I will also add to that list: thoughts of suicide or thoughts or desires of homosexuality (which is not the image of God but a trap from satan using unclean spirits) and we have already seen people being set free from both of these traps.
I love you all and may your souls prosper exceedingly so that you will prosper and Be in health and so our lights will blind the enemy. Our souls have layers (which are also our emotions) that collect both light or darkness and our Will is in the center of our soul along with the Mind so whatever we feed it, we will become; so fill yours with Glorious Light and Love.
Note: on one of her messages about this subject, Kat stated that “the unbeliever can command things out of their own soul but only the believer can bind the things of God to their soul”, hence a real help in the psychological world if they only knew about this, in my opinion.
Your will has authority over your own emotions. “It’s so important to laugh. Laughter gets stored in your soul.”