Lucifer Unveiled

Published on 2 May 2011

Today we look at a very familiar passage in Isaiah 14:12-19. This is the fall of Lucifer or if you may not now the name Lucifer has been edited out of MOST modern bible translations.
You can find some of the word studies here linked:
Click this link to see the various readings of this Hebrew word Heylel where we get Lucifer.….
There is a deliberate omission by modern so-called scholars who have taken the only reference to one of Satan’s names (Lucifer) and given it the name “Morning Star” or the like. This issue is not our focus today, but we want to make you sensitive to the issue of modern scribes are tweaking the original texts.
Issue is related to the suspect Alexandrian Greek manuscripts and the Textus Receptus (Received Text)
We will look at how this issue is related to the prevalence of the Crescent appearing in cultures and ancient and modern religions. We unveil the source in Hebrew and Arabic. Why does this symbol appear in so many religions. We submit it has one dark source.