Mandela Effect – Anatomy has gone crazy

Shared by Laura Marconi

5 August 2016

 I just want to let you know, I have a medical profession, and the anatomy is gone crazy. I don’t know how surgeons and radiologists do. —– -The bones of the skull, slightly different shape

-Thyroid: 3 lobes now
-Bronchus: they are symmetrical now
-The ribs of the chest goes very low now, it almost touches the hips, they have a strange shape, especially regarding the cartilage joining the sternum
-The liver is more horizontal and extends to the left side
-The stomach is to the left now, instead of middle, the oesophagus is not straight anymore

I haven’t taken the time to check everything but lot of changes. I talked of it to some colleagues, but their mind seem to stop when I tell them. I have proofs as well, older schemes by hand which seems to not have been affected by QE.—-Jerome Monnot—- ‪#‎MandelaEffect‬