Mandela Effect: PROOF of 500+ NEW Word Switches in KJV BIBLE

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PROOF of 500+ NEW Word Switches in KJV BIBLE (September 2016)

Supernatural Bible Changes


Published on Sep 8, 2016

IN THIS VIDEO, we look at a KJV Study Bible that has a NEW insert – an Appendix titled “Words That Have Changed In Meaning” – this is due to a nefarious technology using D-wave computing or quantum computing. The bold words are the ones NOW in our KJV Bibles, replacing the italicized words. Some of the italicized words, however, are still in the Bible. Many words are not even synonyms, but instead are antonyms, and some have zero correlation! If you’ve watched any of my videos you should recognize some, if not most, of these bold words, as many I addressed in prior videos as word switches. The intro of the Appendix is incorrect as the bold words are in the Bible TODAY.

Go to and type in any of these bold words and they will pop up in the KJV and also check your printed Bible.

Click here to download a copy of New Words-in-the kjv-bible


Revelation 19:13 tells us that the NAME of JESUS CHRIST is the WORD OF GOD. He is eternal, unchanging and all powerful and His WORDS never fail, they are settled in heaven. What we are seeing is an assault against the printed and audible Bible and more.

The Name of Jesus Christ is The Word of God and he is unchanging and His Words are eternal. Forever settled in heaven. That said, there is an assault, a demonic inspired assault, against scripture. The Bride must wake up and defend the truth.

The strong delusion has arrived. Are you awake?

Read Amos 8:11-12, Daniel 7:25, and 2 Thessalonians 2:8-11

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Thanks to YouTuber HKOVACS84 for the original video outlining the new Appendix in her KJV Bible