“Many Are Seeing 1235: What Does It Mean? Are You Ready?”


“Many Are Seeing 1235: What Does It Mean? Are You Ready?”
by Jodie Hughes, Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzGod truly does speak through “signs” and many prophetic people are in-tune and sensitive to seeing the meaning of signs, symbolically, and what they mean for the Body of Christ. This is a part of knowing the “times and seasons” of the Lord as well.

Jodie Hughes and her husband Ben of Sunshine Coast, Australia, are revivalists and founders of Pour It Out Ministries and are also the senior leaders of Pour It Out Church in Australia.

Jodi shares some very intriguing insight in her article here:

Earlier this week, suddenly I woke up at 12:35am. I knew immediately God was speaking. I have been seeing 1235 regularly as of late, and it has caught my attention knowing God had something to say…

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“Many Are Seeing 1235: What Does It Mean? Are You Ready?”
by Jodie Hughes, Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia

Earlier this week, suddenly I woke up at 12:35am. I knew immediately God was speaking. I have been seeing 1235 regularly as of late, and it has caught my attention knowing God had something to say.

I already understood 1235 to mean, “He’s lining everything up, and there’s a grace to take the next step” (1-2-3 means “lining everything up” and 5 means “grace”). As God brings alignment to promises in your life, there is grace and urgency to take the next step into what He is saying, and extend the borders of your faith. But I knew there was more.

As I prayed and waited, His presence was thick and imparted such a burning desire for Jesus that has only increased. I heard His voice:

Luke 12:35: “Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning.”

God is Calling You to the Secret Place to Wait on Him Are You Ready? Are You Burning?
I have continued to see 1235 regularly. It is an urgent call from Heaven to come into the secret place and wait on Him. He is inviting you to get dressed and ready for service. It is an invitation to be marked by His consuming fire (Heb 12:29).

In the Secret Place, You Are Dressed, Ready.
“Dressed” implies walking IN the fullness of your calling and anointing, and ready for action as God directs. There is need to act and respond quickly, so your “lamp” must be filled and ready to burn. God’s calling His Bride out of “luke-warmness” and into BURNING for Him. He is inviting you into a new dimension of passionate, contagious, radical pursuit of Him.

In the Secret Place He is Preparing You For the Next Step.
You cannot get ready for the race once the starter gun has gone off. Preparation must happen now. Sometimes getting ready looks like obedience, and then continued obedience. Sometimes it is deep surrender. Other times it is waiting on Him for more and dreaming with Him about the season of breakthroughs before you. All this and more is available as you come up higher. Fear has held many back but peace that dispels all fear is available as you lean in.

There is specific revelation, strategy, solutions and increased anointing for breakthrough that will shift challenges and mountains. However, it is found in the waiting.

The Secret Place is the Dressing Room Where Your Coat is Fitted.
God is releasing fresh anointing that fits your season, and fits YOU. This will enable you to walk in the “sweet spot” and “right fit” of your call. This “coat” is only fitted on you in the secret place, which is His divine dressing room. God is calling many to the “dressing room” for upgrade. New mantles and anointings are available right now.

However, the dressing room requires surrender of self, vulnerability, sacrifice, and trust to allow God take off the old (and sometimes well-worn and loved) coats, so as to receive the new, purpose-designed and upgraded coat. Many covet this coat, but it cannot be bought or borrowed, it is reserved for those who hear His call and surrender fully. You will be fitted with all you need to enter this season of MORE and abundant harvest as you surrender and enter the “dressing room.”

In the Waiting, a Contagious Spirit of Burning Will Mark You.
God desires a Bride who is on fire for Him. He is releasing a contagious spirit of burning that will mark you. Hearts on fire for Him IS the key to being “dressed ready for service!” A new passion for “serving” will arise that is marked with burning for Jesus, and a new LOVE and honor for the Bride. It will be evident who is burning by the honor and passion they walk in. Luke-warm is no longer an option.

In the Secret Place You are Prepared for Acceleration.
Many will be accelerated into promise and purpose, as both personal and national suddenlies break out. There is an urgency to get the oil you need NOW by stirring up hunger. Don’t risk being under prepared for what He has for you as you are about to see things you have been waiting for happening quickly. He has heard your cry.

The Secret Place Prepares You For Suddenlies.
Suddenlies are by definition, suddenly. So steward God’s words to you now, and lean into authentic heart connection. Hearing and discerning His voice is crucial in these days and will guide you into breakthrough. Whatever the Lord has been speaking to you about, obey NOW as it is positioning you for the next step.

Keep Going – You Are Being Made Ready For Breakthrough.
Tenacity, endurance and courage to keep going, even in the challenges, is being added to you. Breakthrough takes persistence to push past bumps and seeming set-backs. These “bumps” you are experiencing are a normal part of breaking into greater breakthrough. God is imparting what you need as you proceed. Be encouraged. Keep going. Anointing for breakthrough is being released to pioneer as you wait on Him, and then step out.

In The Secret Place, Secrets Are Revealed.
I heard Him say, “The secrets are reserved for those who wait on Me.”

Strategic revelation that breaks the strongholds is flowing. However it is costly, and reserved for those who will press in and wait on Him. Great wisdom is available that will turn the tide in many spheres and accelerate “Heaven on earth” transformations, but it will be carried by those who pay the price.

Press in and burn for Him. He is marking His Bride and preparing her for the greatest of days that you have ever walked in. Jesus is calling you to sit awhile…and then awhile longer. He is restoring first love.

Jesus is urgently calling you to be in His presence until you BURN…

“Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning.” Luke 12:35

There is Urgency to Respond.
1235…And so, enter into a Luke 12:35 call to be made ready and burn. Take the next step. God is aligning things for expansion and extending the borders of your faith. Get dressed and ready to run. Wait in His presence until you are BURNING and get OIL to keep going. It is an urgent invitation to come into the secret place, fall in love all over again, and receive from Him what you need for this NOW season. Prioritize Him now, not later, as Burning Ones are marked for service.

Jesus Desires a Bride That Burns for Him, Just as He Burns for Her.

Jesus like any “husband” desires to be loved above “other things” by his bride, you are being called into more, marked by fire and anointed to burn. May you sense His wooing and know God loves you deeply. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

Jodie Hughes
Pour It Out Ministries and Pour It Out Church, Sunshine Coast
Email: info@pouritout.org
Website: www.pouritout.org

Jodie Hughes and her husband Ben live on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, along with their daughter Keely. They are Revivalists and Founders of Pour It Out Ministries. They are also Senior Leaders of Pour It Out Church and Pour It Out School of Revival. Jodie and Ben have ministered revival extensively throughout Australia, the United States and the nations. Her heart is marked by Revival and Pour It Out has been experiencing extended revival meetings known as the Pineapple Revival on the Sunshine Coast. She is a strong communicator, known for her prophetic voice and sharing the heart of God in a real and disarming fashion, releasing healing, breakthrough, signs and wonders, and freedom.