This is a Memorial Day message and also a message for anyone who has family in the Military anywhere – Donna McDonald



My children, this is your Lord speaking, Yahushua.

Listen, children, to what I have to say.

This is Memorial Day in the U.S. 

This is the day that the people remember the fallen men and women in the military.

I will tell you that most of the fallen men and women were given time to get right with their GOD before they lost their lives in battle.

You ask, why is this so?

This is so because they knew every day their life was on the line.

They knew they could be called into battle or that their life could be in the balance.

Those who were injured were given time to get right with ME before they passed away.

This is not an enigma or a ‘feel good’ statement.

This is from your GOD and I want you to be comforted by the loss of your loved ones.

I want you to know, as well, that I never ordain women going into battle.

This is a lie from the enemy that men and women should be treated with what he calls, ‘equality’.

Get over this, America.

Men and women were not created equal in all areas.

There are differences that I created in them to make them unique and all the ‘equality training’ in the world will not change that.

Women are more sensitive and men are tougher on a battle field in hand to hand combat.

There is nothing that will ever change that, not all the punching bags or sensitivity training you can drum up will be able to alter those facts.

Get over it.

I will tell you where warriors are equal though.

MY End Time Warriors are second to none.

The special Israeli Defense Forces have nothing on my End Time Warriors.

MY warriors are trained and ready and they are strong and courageous and they have a GREAT GOD behind them.

They will win out over all and not one life of theirs will ever be lost who call themselves MY End Time Warriors.

You need to get on MY team, on MY path to the greatest VICTORY known to man or woman and that is the battle for my children in MY end times.

Get with it and get with me, now.

Sign up, enlist now.

Amen Amen Amen


Words of the Lord given to Donna McDonald 5/26/14