Message from the Queen of the Coast to all Christians – Part 2

The Queen of the Coast came full of pride, walking as if she’s the creator of all humans.

She came out with 6 cows, saying these cows are those 6 out of the new members that were sitting down when I was asking you all to stand up, do you all think you can disrespect me as you always disrespect that righteous man whenever you were asked to stand up in church but you will be sitting down? I will use this as a scapegoat to warn the rest of you. We lack mercy here and will never tolerate disobedience, but If you be willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of my kingdom. Now you marketers, these ones should be taken into the market, slaughter and sell their meat to those foolish buyers that never pray before going to buy in the markets.

Now to our discussion, It seems we have started losing the battle, and Lucifer our Lord (LOL) is seriously angry with us, our time is short, and the number the righteous man is waiting for will soon be complete. If we keep allowing people into that place, because out of 350,000 souls that died in the ast 4 months, another 4 have made it to that place, now there is no more time to waste, we must be very active in all our operation.

This lady on my screen is a most wanted, she is in Uganda, and I’ve just been alerted by the 9-9 realms demons, that 2 of the 4 that made it to heaven were from Uganda trough this lady, one from Zambia and the other one was from Nigeria, that wicked country. so I’m sending 22 of you to that lady, two of you should pretend to be new comers in her street, walk to her house pretending to be a preacher, trying to win her for Christ, she will confess to you that she’s also a born-again Christian, then ask her where she fellowships, tell her you are new in the area, then join her church. As new in the area, she will be your only friend, then begin to extinguish her life little by little through giving of gifts, till you finally achieve that, make sure you never give her time to study the Bible, make sure you always call her whenever she’s about to pray, then start discussing with her till she forgets to pray, extinguish her life.

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