Message given by the LORD to Susan Davis on Sunday, March 22, 2020


Message given by the LORD, to Susan on Sunday, March 22, 2020:

Here is today’s message:

Children, you are now at a point that you can see that the evil world will fail you apart from a serious relationship with your GOD. You cannot go the distance without ME. You were never meant to walk alone, but most believe otherwise and chase the world. Spiritual death is assured to those who think the world holds the answers for them. Now you must surely see that apart from ME and MY Love there is no hope in a hopeless world.

I am saddened by those who choose against ME, but MY Words are true, and all will be held accountable for their actions in this life. Turn away from evil, give ME a full surrender. Lay your life down, put all your faith in ME. Repent for a lifetime of evil living—accept the gift paid on the cross for your salvation and sin debt.

I am coming back for those who are watching and waiting on ME. If you choose to keep your gaze on an evil world you will be found unworthy to escape. MY Words are clear and MY promises sure. I cannot deviate from the plans that are laid out.

If you cannot accept MY terms of Salvation and a desire to have ME as your Closest Companion than your choice against ME will be honored and your desires for evil will be granted to you. Choose life even while you walk in a world focused on death.

I AM LIFE—I AM THE AUTHOR OF ALL LIFE. Without ME all perish. Turn away from evil back to your First LOVE—I AM HE. I created mankind, very few will choose the narrow path, very few will find the path to everlasting LIFE. Now is the time to seek ME with all your heart, mind, soul. Today is the day to learn of ME through the pages of MY Book. Make time before it is too late.

Truly I am the LORD of all Lords, KING of all Kings…

James 4:4 (KJV): Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

Matthew 6:24 (KJV): No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Matthew 22:37 (KJV): Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

Revelation 2:4 (KJV): Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.

1 John 4:19 (KJV): We love him, because he first loved us.