Message from the Lord – Prayer Journals – Gwendolen Song


Children, I would like for each of you to make a sincere effort to write a prayer list.

Each day review your prayer petitions and add to it as your friends and relatives are looking to you for prayers for issues in their lives.

Make a prayer journal.

Write down the dates that you began praying.

Place a check mark beside the prayers when the answers begin bursting through.

Hold all of your prayers in a beautiful jar in the spirit and then lift them up to My Holy Feet.

I am simply waiting for My precious children to ask Me what it is that is burdening them and by faith allow Me to bring the answers and the deliverances they are seeking.

I am the Father who gives the greatest gifts and the greatest gift that I can bring is the orderliness of the lives of My fully devoted children.

Yes, My children have free will. This is true.

But I promise to do all that I can do from My end to see that your loved ones arrive here in My heavenlies.

Sometimes your loved ones get here by the skin of their teeth.

But there are many that do surrender their all to Me sooner and they are given opportunities to love others and store up lots of heavenly treasures.

I would like to see all of My precious children having their own personal prayer ministries.

This is how the end time revival work is done.

Prayers mobilize the heavenly hosts to come and stand beside your loved ones and without your prayers their chances are bleak.

Again, My dearest ones, begin your own personal ministry of prayer today.

All it takes is dedication.

Dedication to seeing that all of My precious children make it home to heaven.

Don’t forget to pray for your enemies too, dearest ones.

You would not wish hell on your worst enemies.

It is a horrible vile place with eternal torment.

Pray for all.

Love all.

Believe that I am the Bearer of the Greatest Gifts because I AM.


Psalm 141:2
May my prayer be set before you like incense; may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice.

Romans 12:12
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.