But What Is My Mission Jesus? Part 2of2 How Do I Know? The Sheep & The Goats

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Still Small Voice

Published on Apr 13, 2017

Jesus continued, “My people, it is a matter of heart attitude. This is what I wish for those of you who do not have specific tasks. When you see suffering or injustice, do what you can to help the victim. Did someone’s house burn down or flood? Do you have a storage room with all kinds of things you’ve been hanging onto? Do you have recreational money that isn’t dedicated to absolute necessity? Give until it hurts. Do not let yourself pass by that person without reaching out to them. Be creative and listen for the sweet voice of My Spirit making suggestions that bathe your heart in warmth. That’s how I will lead you. Baby steps, leading you from the feeling of compassion in your heart. Start small and be faithful. Eventually, you will instinctively know you are to help certain people or not help them. You can even use your bible promises, but remember, I am whispering in your heart to reach out and give. As you learn to obey these promptings you will get clearer and clearer leadings and I will graduate you into greater callings until you are firmly established in your lifelong mission.

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