Get rid of cursed objects…


Susan Davis

7 September 2016

Regarding cursed objects, I know of a pastor and his wife who had gotten a box from her father who sent it to her from a foreign country and it had Buddha carved into it.

Well she heard that she needed to get rid of it when she was at a Bible Study–and then her husband the pastor thought that was ridiculous.

So later then his spirit was checked and he realized he did need to get rid of the box–so they put this box in the fireplace and burned it–well as it was burning he said that there was a wind that was blowing throughout the room that nearly blew the pictures off the walls…

People need to dump out all these kind of objects out of their homes :

any statues of gods…angels…Catholic statues of Mary…Santa Claus…Halloween paraphernalia, peace signs like from the sixties were originally used by satan worshippers found in first century satan worship and has resurfaced–they are upside down broken crosses…Freemason junk….wind chimes were used by Hindus to draw in evil spirits originally….African…American Indian…stuff from Haiti…new age junk…crystals….oriental paraphernalia….Harry Potter stuff–

dump it out

just get rid of it….