Moving Day Message 458 – Terri Taplin


Published on Mar 10, 2017

Moving Day Message 458

Last night I was asking the Lord if we really were close to going home to Heaven. I went to sleep and had a dream so real that I had to remind myself that it really was a dream when I woke up.

If you will remember I have had dreams that movers had come and packed up my house, even my husband had visions of movers coming in and packing us up.

Well, last night I dreamed we had a boat, RV, trailer, two cars, a truck and a motorcycle. There was a garage full of tools for fixing things, chain saws etc.

In the dream, I knew it was today, and I went outside to take my dogs out for their morning walk, everything was gone, all of the vehicles and the garage door was opened and everything in there was gone too.

I remember thinking “how could anyone get everything out in one night with no one hearing or seeing them, then I was coming back in to tell my husband that we had been robbed and I woke up.

It was not until after a bit that the Lord reminded me of the dreams of the movers and that we will be moving very soon.

I turned on the computer and saw two comments, one was on another channel saying that they could not believe how false the teaching is that the Rapture is near and the tribulation will happen maybe even this year or next.

I also saw a comment on mine saying that it will not be as easy as us just leaving to go home.

My Children, yes you are very close to coming home.

Every moment brings you closer to the time I will come.

Yes, all of the things foretold will happen.

Those that are Mine have nothing to worry about as I will not let any harm come to you.

For those of you that think this is not true, that I am not coming, that all of the warnings are false, think again.

I cannot say it any plainer, I Am Coming and Your Redemption Is Nigh.

My coming is now, and now is when you need to come to Me and let Me make your hearts ready.

If not then you along with the rest of the world will soon see the fire come down from the sky, and then it may be too late to call out My Name.

I Am with you just waiting to bring you home, so stay in Me, don’t let go and I will not let go of you as soon we fly.

My Grace is sufficient and it will cover you , so worry not and know all will be well.


What I have noticed is that I have had a feeling of time in my dreams for the last few months now the ones of being in Heaven or leaving I know it is that day.

Before November or December I did not have a sense of time, this is defiantly different.
I have had dreams of helping people and different things happening and did not know when they would happen but feel they will happen in the future.

I believe He is telling us it will happen at any time now, not years, maybe not even months but at any time now. Please do not give in to despair, know our God is with you and He will take you through.