You must listen for my Voice


Lord, do You have a message for us today?

It is I, your God, and I do have a message for you today.

I have a message for you everyday, but you must listen to Me.

You must listen for My Voice.

You may hear Me with an audible sound that is a still, small voice or I may speak to you through another brother or sister or through an animal or through nature or through events or happenings in the world or with your private encounters.

I can speak to you in a number of ways, but you must be focused on Me and listening and paying attention in order to get these messages and understand they are from Me.

Do not focus on the world but pay attention to Me, your God.

I am ready and waiting to communicate to you.

The more you pursue Me and push in deeper with your relationship with Me the more I will communicate to you in various ways.

This is the key: pursue Me and then I will respond to you.

I will respond when you least expect it.

I love to see the look on your faces and the look of your heart when you realize that I have spoken to you and communicated just to you in a very special way.

It’s a very beautiful and enjoyable thing for your God to experience, My children communicating to me and Me communicating back to you in surprising ways.


Word of the Lord to Donna McDonald 11/8/17

Jer. 29:13 And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart.

1 Kings 19:11-12 And, behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake: and after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice