Nissan’s Car of the Future Will Read Your Brain Waves

Source: Nissan’s Car of the Future Will Read Your Brain Waves – Bloomberg

THEY’VE REALLY LOST THEIR MARBLES HERE!! What they’re doing, the reasoning behind it, the expense, and how it will work, are nothing short of stunningly absurd!!!

Well, on second thought…maybe not absurd – Greedy and nefarious may better describe the motivation behind this technology:

The amount of data that will be gleaned as we voluntarily wire up our brains, may make the investment worth their while.

May humans wake up now, and put the IoT to sleep…forever!


“The world’s biggest carmakers and technology companies are spending billions of dollars to perfect your ability to drive without thinking. Nissan Motor Co. is taking a different direction — trying to ‘decode’ your thinking so hands-on driving is more fun.
The Japanese company will unveil and test its ‘brain-to-vehicle’ technology at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The ‘B2V’ system requires a driver to wear a skullcap that measures brain-wave activity and transmits its readings to steering, acceleration and braking systems that can start responding before the driver initiates the action.”

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