“Opportunity, Opportunity, It’s The Season of Opportunity!!”



I have been hearing what sounds like an alarm going off in the Spirit, but it is not an alarm of WARNING, but an alarm full of excitement and anticipation HERALDING the SHIFT of the SEASON OF OPPORTUNITIES!

I am hearing the words over and over “OPPORTUNITY, OPPORTUNITY, IT’S THE SEASON OF OPPORTUNITY!!”

This is a season where the OPPORTUNITY is opening up in SIGNIFICANT ways to the people of God. The OPPORTUNITIES opening up are in line with the vision, heart and call of God’s people that has been birthed in intimacy with the Father. The vision that has been dreamt by the heart of the Father and His people is really manifesting in this YEAR OF DESTINY.

OPPORTUNITIES are presenting themselves to the people of God concerning their destiny and divine vision, and it is ONLY GOING TO INCREASE from this point on.

I say it a lot, but I believe it strongly, that this is the season of DESTINY and FULLNESS! The season that we have been waiting for. This season of OPPORTUNITY is for ALL. The significant breakthroughs and momentum are upon us, our responsibility is to be POSITIONED, and to remain in the secret place and SENSITIVE to where He is leading.

NOT EVERY OPPORTUNITY that comes before you in this season is the one God is BREATHING ON. It’s IMPERATIVE in this season that we are listening to where He is leading. There will be MANY GOOD opportunities, but this is a season where I believe we need to be looking for where He is moving. For there will be GOOD opportunities that will come, but some of these will be a distraction from the GOD DOOR of DESTINY He is opening to you!

There is NO NEED to FEAR! He’s encouraging His people to dream! There will be opportunities in this season where He will say “choose whichever one you like and there will be great blessing, abundance and favour whichever one you choose.

There will also be opportunities that present themselves as DESTINY DOORS. These ones He will make clear, the ones that you are to walk through that have activators of destiny implanted within them by His hand.

That’s why it’s imperative in this season of acceleration that we are close to His heart, and listening to what He’s saying and where He’s leading, to hear what He is saying for each individual door of opportunity because all will be different. But KNOW, that even in wrong turns or missed opportunities, He is the God that MAKES THINGS RIGHT! He RIGHTS wrong turns! He is highlighting the NECESSITY in this season for wisdom.

I felt the Lord saying “ASK ME! I am RELEASING WISDOM for the NEXT STEP of the VISION.”

In this season of opportunity there will be MANY doors that present themselves, but do NOT get overwhelmed. ASK Him for WISDOM!!!!!

He is RELEASING WISDOM for the NEXT STEP of the VISION! The doors that are going to catapult you further into the vision of heaven for your life and your destiny.

The wisdom that the people of God will receive in this season as they cry out for it, will be on a level that they have not experienced before. A level of divine insight, strategy and discernment to KNOW which door to move through and what to do once they have stepped in. The Lord has already equipped His people with the “tools” and “everything needed” to walk through the doors He is opening.

There is a WISDOM UPGRADE NEEDED in the body of Christ and being released, as we step into the promise of James 1:5 through our prayers:

“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ASK GOD, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

The wisdom of God is going to overwhelm you in a glorious way in this season! The strategy, revelation and insight will not only awe you, but those around you. He will teach you to steward the new land. He will teach you to navigate the mountains, valleys and plains. He will teach you where to plant your seeds for a fruitful harvest. He will release downpours of revelation upon you, supernatural divine intelligence to see some of the greatest unlocking of destiny and breakthrough. The Holy Spirit is going to teach and instruct you in the most GLORIOUS WAYS in this season. His SUPERNATURAL CONFIRMATION for YOU in this season is going to be SO WONDERFULLY CREATIVE!!!!!

This is nothing that we can do in our own strength, it’s all Him! It’s all JESUS! The gloriously wonderful privilege before us is the INVITATION to PARTNER with Him in what HE is doing and have the incredible honour it is to carry the wisdom of the Almighty!

Let us steward it well, with integrity, purity and humility as we as the people of God move through the greatest doors of opportunities of our lives in this season.