Pack Your Bags Message 401 – Terri Taplin


Pack Your Bags Message 401

Last night I dreamed last night that I saw 12 big passenger jets landing to take us home.

They landed very fast, one right after the other, not like the ones on earth as they did not have to wait to land.

They came down one almost on top of the other, with no time in between.

They were white with no markings, and on the underbelly they had white lights forming an arrow. I had the feeling that the arrows were to show us the way to go to get to them.

Yes My Children, it is time to pack your bags and get your shoes as the wedding will happen as scheduled.

When you pack your bags pack nothing of this world in them as nothing of this world will come.

I take what is in your heart so please make sure that the only thing in your heart is Me. My love, My truth, anointing and Spirit.

I love you all, make ready the way to your heart for Me now as it will not be very long and you will be gone off of this earth.

I will not heal the land, I will make no nation great again as it is now time for the next phase.

Come to Me and let Me show you the way.


The Lord has not forgotten us, He will bring us through. Do not lose sight of Him, His love and His will for you. I pray God bless us all as we wait for His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen