You Are Paired Message 434 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Feb 10, 2017

You Are Paired Message 434

I had two dreams last night.

The first dream I saw a cruise ship. On it I knew that all of the people were employees of the owner of the ship, and some were given papers telling them of their new jobs that they would get after the cruise. They did not think they could do the new job but were told they were already trained for the position.

All of the people were on deck on one side of the ship. I then saw money at least a million dollars. Then a helicopter started to fly near the ship, the wind kicked up by the helicopter blew the money up to the people. I knew the money had been stolen but I also knew that the people would be able to keep all that they picked up.

The Lord said that the ship will soon sail, with those that are His, and we will soon receive our rewards, and yes some will be given new jobs for the next phase.

The next dream I was with a few women, one of the women had a husband that was cheating on her, but she would not believe it until we showed her.

We took her to where her husband was and saw him with another woman. We confronted the woman that was cheating with the other woman’s husband because the wife still would not believe it.

The woman that was cheating with the other woman’s husband admitted what she was doing. I slapped her softly on the face three times, and the wife forgave her.

All was fine and then we left, I do not know what happened to the husband.

The Lord said that this dream was showing that we need to open our eyes to everything around us, and not just trust someone because we think we should be able to.

We are to go to Him to know His truth, go to Him for discernment, truth, understanding and teaching.

Today again I was very tired. I napped and dreamed of the woman that has the channel Jesuslives 444. She and I were together talking, and she had a Teddy Bear in her hands.

She told me she dreamed that someone gave her a Teddy Bear and showed it to me, the one that was in her dream.

My Children, yes you are paired. You are paired with the ones that came before you, and you are also paired in the spiritual realm with the ones from this realm.

Many of you feel very weak, tired, and know that you have been doing battle when you slept, you have.

Many, many times you are also paired when you are working in the spiritual realm with the ones that I have brought you to in life.

There is so very much going on, and if you have noticed you are feeling it stronger than before.

Things really are speeding up in the spiritual realm.

I need you all to stand strong in Me like never before, there are so many that could not hold on, but My Brides that have endured, the ones that hold on to the end no matter what, will not be forgotten.

They will be a very bright and shining light in the darkness to come.

Stay tough, stay strong and hold on tight to your faith in Me, as I will take My weary, mighty ones through, all the way through to the end.


I know I am many times in conversation with the Lord, in prayer, and doing His work in my dreams.
Sometimes I will remember a bit of it, like the other night I was standing up to someone coming against me, saying they were to do the job I was doing, and I told them I would not push me if I were them. They backed down and ran.

I also know that I am so very weak, and tired. I feel as though I was in a boxing match and every muscle of my body is weak and tired, even hurting.

There is much we do not know, I am sure we do not see what we are really doing in the spiritual realm, but I do know it is important. We truly need to hold on and keep going to the end. Our God will not lose us nor let us go through it alone.

Trust He is with you and He loves you no matter what we face in this realm, or the spiritual realm. He will take us all through.

God bless you all and I do love you.