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A pastor’s letter encouraging church leaders et al not to be bought off by the Telecom industry. Accepting the money would mean we betray the very community we are called to love and serve.’

Enlightening our Community
3rd February 2017

To whom it may concern
Re: Cell phone Towers

The purpose of this letter is to raise awareness amongst church leaders, principals and community leaders about the strategy of companies soliciting their support to erect cell phone towers on their property.

In 2016 our members decided to partner with the community to object to the erection of a tower on the land neighbouring our property in Galway Road, Heathfield. When the municipality denied permission to the company responsible for erecting the tower, a representative of the same company approached me directly asking if we were interested in receiving a rental for the tower being erected on our land.

We declined their offer based on the following reasons:
• We believe there is a health risk to individuals working or living in close proximity to
these towers. There is now sufficient scientific evidence to prove this.
• Accepting the money would mean we betray the very community we are called to love
and serve.

Like most community based organizations we desperately needed the money, but we refused to be tempted, trusting this would set a precedent for other leaders and organizations to do the same.

Without Prejudice
Charles White

Eternal Flame
PO Box 135, Bergvliet, 7864, Cape Town, SA
Galway Road, Heathfield, Cape Town, SA
Tel: +27 21 003 0201 www.eternalflame.org.za

An Assembly of God Church
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