Peace And Safety Message 426 – Terri Taplin

Published on Feb 4, 2017

Peace And Safety Message 426

My Children, When Peace and Safety is said, Sudden Destruction Comes.  I tell you true this has now been done.

There have been many meetings, and many plans made behind closed doors, but these doors were not closed to Me as I see, hear, and know all.

The governments’ and their followers of the evil one have a false belief that they are safe and will have peace through their plans.

All the confusion that is in the enemy was meant to be, and should not be in My children, as they should know that I Am in charge, I Am coming and stay strong in Me.

Not anyone was given all of the what, where or how of things, as no one has the whole of My plan. This was truly to confuse the enemy as I have said that I will confuse thine enemies.

My Children, all of My children, listen closely to Me, and do not be confused as to My ways, My power, and My love for you, as I Am in control and I have you all in hand.

I will bring you all through and things are truly on course so stay steady, stay strong in your faith in Me, and know the show is about to begin.

I love you all so very much.