Petition our Holy Father fervently for those heading to hell – Gwendolen Song


I guess it’s as good a time as any tell let you in on a little secret….

We are going to stand before the LORD one day. Ready to stand OR NOT…and what we are doing down here with our time REALLY DOES MATTER.

The enemy doesn’t want you to know this very sacred secret. He wants you to waste your time on VIDEO GAMES and PORNOGRAPHY and the things of this life. He doesn’t want you to remember what JESUS did at the CROSS and that our salvation came at such a high price.

Friends, we have many loved ones heading to hell and we gotta get our heads out of the sand and begin praying like we have never prayed before. Our prayers are like nuclear bombs to the enemy’s camp when we BELIEVE in the ONE who we are putting our trust to deliver them. Yep, we gotta keep on lifting up our holy hands to our Holy Father, Jesus Christ, and petition Him fervently for those heading to hell. Hell is real.

Our time DOES matter. Our time is precious. It is a resource which is fading quickly. One day the roll will be called up yonder and I want you and I and all of our friends to be there as ONE. Won’t you take a stand for them today by forsaking the things of this world? The time wasting activities that do nothing to profit the Kingdom of God.