Pray without ceasing Part 2 – Bread from the Potter


Source: Pray without ceasing Part 2 – Bread from the Potter

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Date : 2nd May 2018

Children, I see the worry on your faces in times when it seems that I am silent. Children I am never really silent, when it seems like your life is at a stand still I am furiously working behind the scenes on your behalf. Do not be discouraged, do not lose heart I have not abandoned you I am here right next to you. Instead of wallowing in anger and worry get on your knees in fervent prayer. I am listening for my children I am eager to answer you but I will not answer a prayer that you have not uttered. Let the words flow out of your heart and out of your mouth, ask me what you will and I will answer you with my very best will for you, and be patient and quiet before me in the days when there seems to be more questions than answers. Do not get restless or desperate because when you are in this frenzied state you will not hear my voice directing you. Stop worrying my child you are more precious to me than the lilies of the field yet look at how splendidly they are clothed, how colorful and bright. If I care so much for a flower that grows and dies within the span of a year how much more concerned am I concerning you, you who is made in my very image and likeness? Yes though you are surrounded by your enemies all about I am still able to rescue you from their very midst. I will prepare a feasting table for you while you are in the midst of your enemies, while you are in the center of adversity I will cause my face to shine upon you, you are not forgotten my child open your mouth and let it be filled with an outpouring of praise for me.

Remember, I inhabit the praises of my people. I have not visited many of you with the blessings of my right hand because you have not invited me in your midst. I am a great King if you honor your wicked earthly kings how much more honor do I deserve? But you have forgotten me, you do not visit me, you do not sit down with me, I have not heard your voice for quite sometime now. I am waiting for you, open your mouth and speak. Why Oh why do you wait until calamity strikes before you come to me. I am always available and willing to bless you at all times but the only time I see most of my children is when disaster strikes their house. It is the only way I get to see you, therefore, I have allowed calamity to come your way because I know you will come running to me for help. I am glad to see you but I much rather prefer that you come to me even in the times of rest and plenty if for nothing else but to give thanks for your many blessings and to keep company with me. Come to me my silent ones do not wait for tribulation to push you into my arms. I love you now I miss you now come child we have much to discuss. Come while the sky is blue and calm and there is yet peace upon the land and in my church.
Jesus, Amen.

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