Prayer – Lord Only You truly Satisfy my heart

27th March, 2016

Praise & Worship List Prepared by Pastor Esher Shoshannah:

Lord Only You truly Satisfy my heart
You’re the Shoes of the Gospel of Peace
You carried my Sorrows and bore my griefs
You who never Sinned became sin for me
You are Sovereign over all to get glory
You Search my heart to cleanse it
You Still the raging waters in Your time
You are my Salvation – my deliverance
You Sustain me every minute of the day
You keep me Safe by Your power alone
I’m Seated with Christ in the heavenlies
You are the love Song of my heart
I’m Sealed by Your Spirit to have His fruit
My Bridegroom is the Song of all songs
I’m Sheltered in Your arm’s embrace
Your Scriptures are life & health to me
Your Shadow and wings protect me
You are the Secret keeper in whom I trust
You are Slow to anger thank You!
You Sought me when I was dead in sin
I offer You a Sacrifice of praise & thanks
You Spared me to live for You alone
Abba, You Spared not Your Son for me
To sin against others is to Sin against You
Thank You for cleansing me of those Sins
You give Spiritual gifts according to Your will
You are my Stability in my weakness
You cried out in Tears on the Cross for me
You & Your words are True and faithful
You Transform my life to be seen in me
Calvary’s Tree became my Tree of life
You are the Tree of life that bears fruit
You have a Tender heart in correcting me
Spirit led godly sorrow brings repentance
I’m the Holy Spirit’s Temple to shine for You
You’re the Truth from Genesis to Revelation
You are the Triumphant One over all evil
You lead me not into Temptation
You are my guiding Teacher in Your Word
You are the Treasure in my earthen vessel
You are the Trustworthy One to lean upon
The Tribulation will come & you will Triumph
You Thirst for my obedience and my will
You Talk to me in the voice of Your Word
You Tame my attitude and tongue
Troubles that come become Your victories
You Touch my life daily to touch others
You alone bring Unity to Your body
You Unveil Your beautiful heart to me
You are the true Understanding to guide me
You Undergird me to have Your stability
You are the Ultimate purpose for living
You Uphold me in all my weakness
Your thoughts are Unsearchable
You are unparalleled greatness
You were Unyielding to temptation
You are the fruitful Vine of purpose
You are the Victor in all my battles
You alone give eternal Value to my life
You make me a Valiant warrior
You are Vast in Your grace & mercy
Vengeance is Yours against all wrongs