A prayer from Susan Davis…

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David C. Hammacher

15th June, 2016

 * A prayer from Susan Davis during a talk about the lukewarm Church.


Lord, I repent of being lukewarm and chasing after worldly emptiness.

I repent of having a lackluster faith.

I repent of trusting in the world’s answers for my life instead of God’s answers for my life.

I repent for giving my precious God-given time to the world instead of my Maker Who gives me my every breath and determines my eternal outcome.

I repent for lusting after the temporal thrill of this world in lieu of pursuing an intimate relationship with my Maker.

I repent for being in the will of the enemy instead of walking in The Will of The Divine.

I repent for arrogantly doing good outside of The Divine Will of God and thinking that my will is best.

I repent for denying The Power of The Holy Spirit to enter into my life, so that I can walk in The Will of God and to conquer sin and pursue holiness.

Lord, I want to be in Your Divine Will and not my own.

I want to possess Your Holy Spirit in full measure.

I want to have a full oil lamp, so that when You return for Your Bride, You will see me.

I want to pursue holiness and walk in Truth.

I want to find and stay on the narrow path that few find.

I want to be assured a place with You for all eternity.

I want to know Christ as An Intimate Friend.

I want to experience mental wholeness and stability and live in peace with my Maker.

I open my heart up to You, Lord Jesus.

Be my All in all.