Prayer – You voluntarily humbled Yourself…


Susan Davis

28th March, 2016

Praise & Worship List Prepared by Pastor Esher Shoshannah:

You voluntarily humbled Yourself may I also
You were born of a Virgin to live a pure life
You Vitalize my life to please You each day
You are the Visible image of God
I’m a Vessel for You to bless others through
You Vanquish every foe by Your blood
Your Holy Word is the sword of the Spirit
You are the only Way for salvation
You make me Well by the living Word
You are my Wonderful Counselor
You are Worthy of praise, honor & glory
You Warn me of danger in not trusting You
Your caring heart Wept over my sinful soul
You make me Whole to live a holy life
You are the Faithful Witness in Your Word
I’m Your Workmanship to please You
You made me Worthy for You live in me
You Wrap me securely in Your arms
You are Warmhearted & compassionate
You are the eternal refreshing Water of life
To do good Works is to obey Your Word
Thank You for Warning of Your soon coming
Your Will is the only good & perfect Will
You alone make me Wise in Your Word
Without You I’m lost – no purpose in life
You are the Worker of miracles in my life
Your faithful promises stop my Worry
You send angels to Watch over me
I Worship You and not worldly things
Your Wrath will be poured out on all evil
When I’m Weary I rest my soul in Your arms
I’m cleansed by the Water of Your Word
You became a Worm in order to save me
You always Yielded to the Father, may I be
You Yearn for me for I am Your Bride
Troubles come to show Your Yoke is easy
You are Zealous to love and correct me
You are Zion’s King of Righteousness